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The abbey in the evening

Take advantage of the evening events at the abbey and rediscover it by night. Splendid sunsets guaranteed!

At nightfall...

A special atmosphere

The atmosphere at the abbey changes with the seasons. Discovering the abbey at nightfall is always a special moment. Indeed, visiting such a monument in the evening offers a totally different experience than a daytime visit. The monument gives a glimpse of a new face, more mysterious and above all quieter.

Nef et chœur de l'église abbatiale. Prise de vue lors des nocturnes de l'abbaye. Spectacle l'Archange, second volet des Chroniques du Mont. Spectacle nocturne estival conçu par Bruno Seillier d'Amaclio Productions.

Thomas Thibaut - Centre des monuments nationaux

The abbey as you have never seen it before

During the summer, you can enjoy the abbey's night tours. Take advantage of the views from the Saut Gautier terrace, the western terrace, the cloister bays or the northern gardens to observe breathtaking sunsets. Follow our thematic conference visits in the fall on the dark hours of the abbey...

Treat yourself to a moment of grace during a concert or a cultural event offered at nightfall. Depending on the season, the evenings are never the same.

Escalier du Grand Degré en soirée.

Thomas Thibaut - Centre des monuments nationaux

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