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The West Terrace

The West Terrace is a unique viewpoint on the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. Enjoy a break and admire the breathtaking view from this perch.

A moment out of time

An exceptional panorama

The West terrace of the abbey offers a breathtaking view. From the Pointe du Grouin on the west side to Granville on the north side, the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel extends over nearly 500km2 and opens onto the Channel Sea. In good weather, it is even possible to see the Chausey archipelago when looking north. On this side, you can also see the islet of Tombelaine. To the West, don't miss the polders: these artificial stretches of land that extend over the bay, used for market gardening. To the South, several things catch the eye: the dam and the two arms of the Couesnon river but also the bridge that links the Mont to the continent.

Vue sur la baie du Mont-Saint-Michel. Prise de vue depuis la Terrasse de l'Ouest

DR - Centre des monuments nationaux

A unique biodiversity

The bay of Mont-Saint-Michel is an oasis of biodiversity. Numerous species and plant species live side by side.

On the land side, it is possible to see the famous sheep of the salt meadows grazing on the western terrace.

On the sea side, you can see seals (also called calves-marins) and dolphins, regulars of the bay.

The islet of Tombelaine, accessible on foot and only in the company of a guide, is an ornithological reserve where many birds come to nest in spring.

Moutons et agneaux en train de paître dans les prés-salés de la baie du Mont-Saint-Michel. On aperçoit en arrière-plan le Mont.

Colombe Clier – Centre des monuments nationaux

The entrance door to the abbey labyrinth

From the West Terrace, take a step up and enjoy a view like no other! Stop for a few moments and observe the phenomenon of the tides, the incessant ballet of the seagulls and the colors of the bay that change with the seasons, with the day and sometimes even in a single moment.

The west terrace also offers a privileged view of the abbey church, the bays of the cloister, the spire under the feet of the archangel. Enter the church and rush into this real architectural labyrinth to discover all its secrets.

Façade occidentale de l'église abbatiale. Parvis et porte d'entrée de l'église.

DR - Centre des monuments nationaux

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